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Need for most fuel efficient cars or vehicles are becoming more and more urgent in present day oil price hike. People all over are worried about the future. How will they be able to use their vehicles with ever increasing oil price and income uncertain?

Researchers say it took almost 200 million years to develop all of the oil below the earth’s surface. Human just took 200 years to consume half that. If current rates of consumption continue, the world’s remaining resources of conventional oil would be exhausted in 40 years as per the U.S. Department of Energy. Will the coming generations be able to drive cars after 50 years from now? This is a big question.

But do not worry, we humans are not known for only consuming or destroying nature. We can develop and create alternative powers for our cars and other needs. Scientists and researchers are working day and night to invent newer and better alternates.

We already have Solar panel vehicles, Flex fuel models, hybrid electric, electric cars and hydrogen vehicles and automakers around the world especially in Japan are continuously working to improve the performance and reduce the fuel consumption of their new models to get the largest share in the world car market.

  • Flex fuel cars : Flex fule cars have been on the road since the late 1970s and are most common in Brazil where government-sponsored ethanol program revolutionized the country’s fleet. These days in many countries flex fuels have become very common. E10 (10 per cent ethanol) and E15 (15 per cent ethanol) are the most common pump deals.

  • Hybrid electric cars : Hybrid electic cars Combine an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors. They have become increasingly popular and major automakers such as Toyota, Ford and Honda have hybrid electric models doing well on roads. They have reduced the gasoline intake but also reduced harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

  • Electric cars : Electric cars are gaining popularity since 2010 with the launch of models such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt by Chevrolet. Both models have been selling well while many cities are creating a charging infrastructure to accommodate the arrival of these models on the roads.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars : Some of the buses on the road run on hydrogen in London. In 2005Honda leased first commercial hydrogen car to a family in Redondo Beach, California. Later in 2008, the Honda FCX Clarity became the first production line build hydrogen fuel cell lease vehicle. It was leased to the same family and another 20 were also leased to other people. Hydrogen cars are prototypes but our automakers will definitely make it a commercial hit in a decade or so.

  • Solar vehicles : Solar vehicles are not sold as practical transportation devices at present, but are primarily demonstration vehicles and engineering exercises, often sponsored by government agencies. People have great expectation as this will be economical and most abundant in supply.

We have many resource unused and discovered and research is on, so we need not worry about future of our cars we should think about environment and health and peace and universal brotherhood for future.

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