Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is JCT (JapaneseCarTrade.Com)?

2. Why should we choose JCT to buy used vehicles from Japan?

3. How can I be sure about JCT dealer's legitimacy?

4. Does JCT deals in buying and selling of automobiles?

5. Who are JCT dealers?

6. What is JCT Fraud/Scams Awareness?

7. How to find Car on JCT?

8. How to inquire about the desired car on JCT?

9. Does the price showing on vehicles detail page includes shipping?

10. How to Register on JCT as an Individual Buyer?

11. What if I forgot my login ID and password?

12. Does JCT ship Vehicles?

13. Why should we join JCT being an Exporter?

14. How to join JCT for free as an Exporter?

15. Is there any charge applicable for receiving the inquiries from JCT?

16. What are Membership types, charges and benfits at JCT?

17. Why should we join JCT being an Importer?

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