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Safety Tips to Avoid Fraud and Scams

Use JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST) for 100% protection of your money. While ordering vehicle ask the Exporter (JUST Member) that you wish to buy through JUMVEA Safe Trade.

Always Collect complete details about used car exporters like their company, establishment, postal address, website, email, telephone, membership and others.

Verify their information: Check the company name or address on Google search, call on the registered phone number to verify existence.

Check if the company is member of known auction houses and reputed exporters associations like JUMVEA, JUST, SLAEAJ, JETRO, Chambers of Commerce, this will be a plus point for trust and worthiness.

Check if the company is paid member of popular used car portal sites.

Check company’s website thoroughly and collect maximum information to verify company is genuine or not. If have doubt ask for more information.

Very low price could be a trap, please double check with other exporters. Check the company more cautiously or buy from reliable exporter for little extra.

Check the company’s terms and conditions, the purchase process and payment terms.

Payment must be made in Company’s bank account in Japan only. Avoid to make payment in personal name or out side Japan bank account.

Always order one or few units if dealing for first time.

Please see our video for avoid Japan used cars import fraud & Scam.

If you have any doubt or query, please feel free to Contact Us any time.
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