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Dyna Truck Fire Fighting Truck Hiace Truck Fire Fighting Truck Toyoace Fire Fighting Truck Atlas Fire Fighting Truck
Safari Fire Fighting Truck Ranger Fire Fighting Truck ELF Truck Fire Fighting Truck Canter Fire Fighting Truck
Forward Fire Fighting Truck Hino Others Fire Fighting Truck Profia Fire Fighting Truck Great Fire Fighting Truck
Dolphin Fire Fighting Truck Fuso Fighter Fire Fighting Truck Diesel Fire Fighting Truck
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  Used Mitsubishi CANTER FG337C Trucks View All Images

[23rd Aug, 2017]
2 View
15,000 Right Hand Yamagin
USD 6,340  
[698,855 JPY] 
  Used Mitsubishi FIGHTER FIRE TRUCK WITH 1500 LTR WATER TANK Trucks View All Images

[25th Jul, 2017]
2 View
45,000 Right Hand GlobalPartners
  Used Mitsubishi CANTER Trucks View All Images

[25th Jun, 2016]
816 View
17,000 - - JapanTrucks
USD 14,890  
[1,640,000 JPY] 

  Used Nissan Diesel Rescue with Winch Trucks View All Images

[14th May, 2017]
2381 View
87,700 Right Hand Koyojihan
USD 10,890  
[1,200,000 JPY] 
  Used HINO HINO TRUCK Truck View All Images

[20th Jun, 2017]
376 View
13,000 Right Hand ShinEi
USD 44,440  
[4,895,000 JPY] 
  Used Isuzu ELF Truck **33-VIEWS-OFFER** Trucks View All Images

[9th Jun, 2017]
269 View
6,000 Right Hand KASagamino
USD 8,700  
[958,392 JPY] 
  Used Hino Dolphin SUPER GYRO LADDER Trucks View All Images

[28th Nov, 2016]
2283 View
19,400 Right Hand Neutral
  Used Mitsubishi CANTER MANUAL Trucks View All Images

[18th Mar, 2017]
1 View
73,000 Right Hand GlobalPartners
USD 13,500  
[1,487,160 JPY] 
  Used Mitsubishi Great Fire Fighting Truck Trucks View All Images

[14th May, 2017]
6575 View
52,061 Right Hand Koyojihan
USD 15,250  
[1,680,000 JPY] 
  Used Toyota Hiace Truck FIRE ASSIST Trucks View All Images

[1st Sep, 2017]
46 View
3,554 Right Hand ShinEi
USD 4,450  
[490,000 JPY] 
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Japan Used Fire Fighting Truck

A fire truck is a vehicle produced primarily for firefighting operations, it is also known as in some regions as a fire apparatus, fire truck, or fire appliance, In addition, many fire departments/fire services often employ their vehicles for various other uses including emergency medical services and rescue purposes. The terms "fire engine" and "fire truck" are often used interchangeably. The main purposes of a firefighter truck include transporting to an incident scene, providing water with which to fight a fire, and carrying other equipment required by firefighters. Many fire vehicles are based on standard vehicle models and they are normally fitted with audible and visual alerts, in addition to communication equipment such as 2-way radios and mobile computer technology.

There are various types of Fire Fighting truck models available they are as Dyna Fire Fighting Truck, Condor Fire Fighting Truck, Safari Fire Fighting Truck, Dolphin Fire Fighting Truck and Ranger Fire Fighting Truck etc.


Conventional Fire Equipment: The standard fire engine is an apparatus designed primarily for firefighting operations. It providing a limited supply of water with which to fight the fire and carrying tools, equipment, and hoses needed by the firefighter. Standard tools found on nearly all fire engines include ladders, hydraulic rescue tools (often referred to as the Jaws of Life), floodlights, fire hose, fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, and thermal imaging cameras. Some fire engines have a fixed deluge gun, also known as a master stream.

Aerial Apparatus: A turntable ladder (TL) is perhaps the best-known form of special purpose aerial apparatus and is used to gain access to fires occurring at height using a large telescopic ladder, a ladder can also be mounted behind the cab. This is sometimes called "mid-ship" and the arrangement allows a lower travel height for the truck.

Tiller Truck: Tiller truck, also known as a tractor-drawn aerial, tiller ladder, or hook-and-ladder truck, is a specialised turntable ladder mounted on a semi-trailer truck. The Independent steering of the front and back wheels allow the tiller to make much sharper turns, which is especially helpful on narrow streets and apartment complexes with a maze-like road.

Rescue Apparatus: A heavy rescue vehicle, is a type of speciality firefighting machinery, it designed to carry specialised equipment for technical rescue conditions such as vehicle estovers following traffic collisions, confined space rescues, rope rescues, swift water rescues, or building fall down.

Airport Crash Tender: An airport crash tender, or "crash rig", is a particular fire engine designed for utilizing at aerodromes in aircraft accidents, the crash rigs unique are their ability to move on rough terrain outside the runway and airport area, huge amount of water capacity as well as a foam tank, a high-capacity pump, and water/foam monitors.

Design And Construction: The vehicle design and construction of fire engines focus very much on the use of both active and passive alerts & warnings, these types of warnings are often seen on older vehicles. The modern designs make use of retroreflectors to reflect light from other vehicles. The fire truck is headed to the scene and the lights are always inclusive by loud audible warnings such as sirens and air horn.


Nissan Fire Fighting Truck

Mitsubishi Fire Fighting Truck

Hino Fire Fighting Truck

Isuzu Fire Fighting Truck receives lots of Japan Used Fire Fighting Truck inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of Japan Used Fire Fighting Truck ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all Japan Used Fire Fighting Truck Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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