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Kv4wb Asphalt Finisher
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  Used Kawasaki Kv4wb Roller Machinery View All Images

[4th Jul, 2017]
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USD 17,860  
[1,900,000 JPY] 
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Japan Used Asphalt Finisher

A paver (paver finisher, asphalt finisher, paving machine) is a heavy vehicle mechanic, a piece of construction equipment used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots and other such places. It holds the asphalt flat and gives minor compaction before it is concrete by a roller. There is some type of Asphalt Finisher model available such as Japanese Mitsubishi Asphalt Finisher and Hitachi asphalt finishers etc. 

History: The asphalt paver was established by Barber-Greene Co. that initially manufactured material handling systems. In 1929 the Chicago Testing Laboratory approached them to use their material loaders to construct asphalt roads. The independent float screen was invented since 1933 and when joined with the tamper bar provided for uniform material solidity and thickness.

Operation: The asphalt is new from a dump truck or a material transfer unit into the paver's hopper, the conveyor then carries the asphalt from the hopper to the auger. The paver should provide a smooth uniform surface behind the screen. The height of the screen is controlled by a number of factors including the attack angle of the screen, weight and vibration of the screen, the material head and the towing force. Additional controls are used to correct the slope, crown or superelevation of the finished pavement.

Concrete paving Large freeways are often paved with concrete and this is done using a slip form paver. Trucks dump loads of ready-mix concrete in heaps along in front of this machine and then the slip form paver spreads the concrete out and levels it off using a screen.

Features/How it Works

The Tractor: A tractor is used on an asphalt paver to propel it forward, as well as for distributing the asphalt. It comprises an engine, hydraulic drives and controls, drive wheels or tracks, a hopper for receiving the asphalt, and feeder conveyors, and distribution augers.

The Screed: Asphalt pavers also have a screen, which is used for levelling and shaping the layer of asphalt. This floating screed is towed by the tractor and includes levelling arms, a moldboard, end plates, burners, vibrators, slope sensors, and controls. The screed is attached to a thickness control, which is adjusted by the operator in order to regulate the thickness of the asphalt being laid on the roadway, as well as a compaction device for partial compression of the pavement.

Tires & Tracks: Some asphalt pavers are mounted on tires when speed is needed, others move on tracks when improved traction is required. Those moving on rubber tires consist of two large, inflatable drive tires at the back, as well as at least 4- smaller solid rubber tires, which are used for steering. The tracks on which tracked pavers are mounted are also made of rubber. They are reinforced inside with layers of cables made of flexible steel. receives lots of Japan Used Asphalt Finisher inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of Japan Used Asphalt Finisher ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all Japan Used Asphalt Finisher Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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