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Welcome to Auto Galaxy Co. Ltd.

Mr. Kazumasa Mizue

The Japanese made microbuses are highly demanded in the world wide market but at the same time there are many risks for the buyers to import.
Then, what is the best solution to get rid of these risks?
We, Auto Galaxy with a lot of experience in exporting to the world market,
would like to give you some hints to avoid these risks.

Does the supplier have abundant experience in exporting the micro and mini buses?
You have to be careful when you place an order with a supplier with not much experience in exporting micro and mini buses. There are some cases without knowing the rules and regulations of the country of destination after having an order from those country and found that the country requires an export inspection certificate by OMIC or restricting the vehicle’s production year, such rules are still applied in some countries, because of not knowing these restrictions, eventually the importer will not be able to clear the customs.
A supplier who has much experience with exporting to the various countries knows the each country’s domestic affairs and its market very well can give you adequate advice of which micro and mini buses are demanded in the nation’s market.
Additionally, a company with firm channels of collecting used parts can be reliable for the aftercare in providing necessary parts for the vehicles imported.

An exporter has enough connections in collecting vehicles in Japan?
It’ll be better you’ll ask the exporter with whom you are dealing for his collecting channels in Japan.
It’s better to avoid the micro bus exporter who is heavily dependent on auctions because it is uncertain whether he can collect the demanded bus and not only that (in fact there is not many micro bus exhibitions in the auction sites) which makes you difficult to tell exactly when it will be gathered.
In Japanese used car market, the price of the car will be fixed for its age(year of production) and its model. Therefore, if the price is abnormally cheap when you compare with other suppliers, you should be careful. There should be the reason existed to be cheap. It will be natural that the car might have trouble.

Is it possible to purchase directly from a company which owns a micro bus?
When you buy a micro bus directly from a company which owns one, you can tell the driving and maintenance records (such as record of overhauling clutch, changing radiator and etc.). But when you buy a micro bus through the auctions or after having many inter mediators involved, you cannot tell
the past maintenance records which might cause you in future unsafe in driving. Ii is better to avoid such a bus.
In our purchasing case, we have strong buying connections of about 2300 hotels, inns and golf courses which have about 14,000 pick-up and shuttle buses and among which we negotiate and buy directly from them, that is why we can provide you with a very good conditioned.

Company Auto Galaxy Co. Ltd.
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Year 1990
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Contact Takayasu Yamada [Director of Exports]
Contact Kazumasa Mizue
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